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[EU] Fiction

[EU] is Established Universe Fiction.  Or you know,  fan fiction, but that’s such a dirty word.

[The Vampire Diaries/The Originals]
We Ain’t Ever Gettin’ Older” (In Progress) – 25 years after Stefan’s death, Caroline arrives just outside of New Orleans with hopes of finding Klaus, but as guilt and shame color her desire to fulfill her feelings for him, she also finds herself in the middle of a war between Vampires and a powerful new enemy… cause no one ever gets a happy ending on TVD! (Author’s Note:  I’m trying to catch up on the Originals, but while I love Klaus’s character, am not as huge a fan of it as I was TVD.   …Long story short, I may have some details wrong.  Sorry about that.  Pretend I don’t suck.  Please? K. Thx.)