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Original Fiction

Links to excerpts and stories coming soon.

A Three Part Series:
Eternal QueenExcerpt 
Song of the ShadowsExcerpt
“A clover blossom smells sweeter than any rose, I think.”
With no male heirs, King Ferehar names his daughter Aurelia as his succesor.  In a time of tenuous peace among the Elves of Tenebraes, many highbourne lords seek to take advantage of the young princess.  Armed with wisdom of her mentor Elder Chamis, the love of her best friend Erasong, and the spirit of her mother within her heart,  Aurelia defies the patriarchy, one chapter at time.

The First Ones: A Vampire’s TaleExcerpt
“I died.  And then I woke up.”
Lily and Liam seem to have the perfect relationship, but when Lily’s estranged brother James calls in the middle of night begging for help, it sets in motion an unfathomable chain of events and the secrets the two have been keeping from one another come to light.   As they struggle to reconcile their hidden lives from one another, they learn first hand that love bites.

Bladefury: The Legend of Molly SullivanExcerpt
“I will not bow.  Not to you.”
Molly Sullivan wanted a new life in a new world, but after she is falsely accused of robbery and murder, she is sentenced to death by hanging.  It was by chance that she escaped, but it’s her grit and determination that will make a legend on the high seas.

The Willow TreeFull Text
“Why don’t you fly far away, and find a new  land?”

A children’s story about a dragon, a beautiful peasant girl, and a knight.  Spoilers: The dragon is pretty cool.

Point LookoutExcerpt
“Promise me, Bobbi.  Promise me you  won’t got in that light house.”
Grief stricken Bobbi spends the summer with her grandparents in Point Lookout, Maryland, after the untimely death of her mother.  As she gets to know the “town kids”, she stumbles into the middle of a sinister curse placed on the town during the height of the Civil War.

Intelligent DesignExcerpt
“Look, I know you’re on a date, but I thought I should tell you  that your dad is naked on the riding mower, singing Bruce Springsteen at Mrs. Stiener next door.”
Dating is hard.  It’s harder still when you’re a straight woman living in one of the gayest cities in the country, your dad is workaholic, your mom is AWOL , you sister is probably in a cult and you’re trying for one of most prestigious fashion internships in the world.  Maury Roberts is no stranger to the term “full plate”, but after her father has a stroke that leave him unable to care for himself, she has to make one of the hardest choices of her life.

Amaretasu Excerpt
“All Families has secrets, right?”
When Gina’s grandmother passes away,  she leaves Gina a box of her possessions…  And in the box is a single key.  What does it belong to?  Gina embarks on a journey to uncover family secrets, and along the way, learns about the hidden world her grandmother was a prominent part of in the 1930s.